ペット / Pet


At BOOK, you can stay with your pet who is your family member. Pets alone cannot stay here. We charge 3000 yen per pet as we do additional human guests.
If you are with a pet, we ask you to stay at a private room. There the pet must be kept in its crate. On the concrete floor on the first floor and Store Manager Komugi’s room, you can have meals with your pet on the leash.

■ペット宿泊可能匹数 / Maximum number of pets per room

・1室 小型犬 4匹まで
・1室 中型犬以上 2匹まで

Maximum number of pets per room are as follows. If you need special arrangements, please contact us.
・Small dogs: up to 4 / room
・Medium-sized or larger dogs: up to 2 / room
・If you bring a large dog, we may ask you to keep it on the concrete floor on the first floor depending on the size of its crate.

■宿泊されるお客様へ / To our staying guests


Dobutsu Sudomari BOOK was started by a certified VT (veterinary technician). It is an overnight stay inn where you can stay with your pets, but you can stay without pets. If you are allergic to animals or do not care for pets, please book a room at your own risk. 
Once a guest with pet allergy stayed at our place and was happy to say, “This place is clean!”

■予防について / Disease Prevention




Pets are our family members and we want them to stay healthy. Then what should we do to live with them as long as possible? Health checkup, early detection of illness, vaccination and preventive medication would help.

Travelling offers them many chances to interact with various kinds of animals. My honest impression is that in Kochi Prefecture, there are more people than in big cities who give their pets rabies vaccination only and nothing else. Also, there are many outdoor cats that are hard to tell either stray or domestic. Thus, we recommend your pet cats to receive heartworm prevention.

Of course, vaccination alone cannot prevent all kinds of diseases. And side effects are a concern. However, we think it is very important in order not to give a disease to or receive one from other pets. In Kochi Prefecture, leptospirosis was found among some wild animals living near the Shimanto River. We recommend the pet dogs accompanying you to receive at least 8 way vaccine. Also, SFTS cases were confirmed. The only prevention for this is not getting in contact with ticks. But we recommend you to give your pets tick/flea repellent agents so that the ticks contacting their bodies will be repelled.


・混合ワクチン(8種以上推奨 宿泊の2週間前には接種)



BOOK facility includes a retirement home for cats. So we set severer preventive requirements than other accommodation facilities.

▶︎For DOGS
・Rabies vaccination
・Combined vaccine (at least 8 way vaccine recommended. Must be given 2 weeks before staying here)
・Heartworm prevention medication
・Tick/flea prevention treatment

▶︎For CATS
・Combined vaccine
・Tick/flea prevention treatment
Heartworm prevention is not a mandatory, but most cats in this facility have received it.

Puppies can stay if they are 4 months or older and have been vaccinated twice or more. We understand that vaccination may not be possible depending on pets’ conditions. And there must be cases of vaccination according to the result of antibody titer inspection.
If you have any special concerns or requests, feel free to contact us.

■その他 / Other





Also, we are located in a shopping street. If your pet dogs keep barking and cannot be stopped, we cannot have you stay with us.

If you are planning a family travel with your pets and if your pets are fearful, travel may not be a good idea for them. Being nervous can make them sick. If you still want a family travel with them, practice going places with them regularly, little by little. This would also help very much when you evacuate with them at times of natural disaster.

For your pets, we have toilet sheets, sticky roller, deodorant spray and dog waste bags. Please feel free to contact us when you need one.

If you want to see the cat’s retirement home, “Cats’ Second House Komugi” on the 3rd floor, please let us know beforehand. (Reservation required)

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